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  Before you get to spray tanning clients with your brand new Fuji Spray 4200 T-PRO Bottom Feed Applicator, let’s get familiar with understanding the different controls of your shiny, new mobile spray applicator and what they do! First things first! If you do not yet know the parts of your new spray tanning applicator, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the main parts of your spray tanning applicator using the image below. It’s important to know each component and their function so that you can set your applicator up with ease. Now that you are aware of the parts of your

With (thousands) of spray tan systems on the market today it’s hard to determine which professional sunless system will work best for you. Not all spray tan applicators and sunless systems are equal. With over a decade of experience in the sunless industry here are some helpful hints to provide you with some key points and useful tips on what you should be looking for in a spray tan system and applicator. Decide what your primary goal is for your business: Are you salon based? Looking to do mobile tans? Specializing in fitness competitions? Contouring is a must? Just starting out?

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