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A Tanning Machine Overview: studioTAN™

A Tanning Machine Overview: studioTAN™

We know that the perfect spray tan is so much more than just quality solutions and techniques. It is also about your sunless tanning machine. Getting to know your sunless companion inside and out is an important part for creating stunning spray tans.

Read this full guide to understand how to operate your studioTAN™ tanning machine and its incredible features:

  • Noise Reduction Covers™ muffle direct sound paths for a quieter spray experience
  • Durable turbine case
  • Lightweight and Portable Turbine
  • Washable quick-change friction filters

Your Hose Connection

This is where you firmly attach your hose. Please note – before disconnecting the hose from your turbine, allow a few minutes for it to cool off. When the turbine runs for an extended period of time, it’s normal for it to heat up, so it’s important that you allow it to cool down before removing the hose.

Your On/Off Switch

Here is where you will find your power switch button.

Your Applicator Storage

Each turbine has an applicator storage that is conveniently located on your turbine. The studioTAN™ turbine, comes with two holes on the top of the holder and requires the two black screws to be inserted in the metal case. Do not overtighten – snug is fine.

Your Power Cord

This is where you attach the power cord. Ensure the power cord is firmly inserted into the turbine before plugging into the wall outlet.

Your Breaker

Each turbine is also equipped with a safety switch, a mechanism designed to ensure you’re always protected. The breaker is located here on top of your power cord.

Your Filters

Next is your filter, which you can find easily here on each side of your turbine. We always recommend having an extra filter on hand and to both clean and replace your filters regularly.

Your Serial Number Location

Lastly, you’ll find your serial number at the bottom of your turbine. When calling into Fuji Spray with a question or concern about your unit, having the serial number in hand is very helpful as it contains a lot of information about your unit.


The only maintenance needed for this turbine is the cleaning and replacement of the filters. Make sure you gently remove the filters from each side of the turbine and wash them in warm soapy water. Dry fully before placing back your filters. It is essential to clean, and both replace your filters regularly.

That’s it! That covers this quick tanning machine overview of our studioTAN™ turbine and its features. Although we know choosing the right system can be overwhelming at times, we hope these turbine overview series help you operate your system and achieve that perfect golden glow. If you have any questions about your system, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-650-0930 or send us an email at support@fujispray.com.

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