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The Benefits Of Sunless Tanning

The Benefits Of Sunless Tanning

Are you still wondering the difference between Sunless Tanning and UV/Sun Tanning? Is there even really a difference? The answer is… YES, and the Fuji Spray Sunless Team has you covered! 

The tanning industry has changed drastically throughout the years, and due to increased awareness about the dangers of UV exposure and its health risks – there has been a significant shift to integrating safer alternatives to get your glow on. This is why Sunless Spray Tanning has become the most efficient way to get that quick, flawless, bronze glow you desire.  

Let’s say goodbye to outdoor UV sun exposure or tanning beds that could damage your skin. With proper spray tanning equipment, you can achieve that summer glow in just minutes without endangering your health.


What is UV Tanning?

UV tanning is proven to be unsafe for your health; this is because you are more exposed to every type of skin cancer. Exposure to UV rays both UVA and UVB can cause serious damage to the skin, especially to the DNA in skin cells.  


Here are three main benefits of Sunless Tanning:

1) No Skin Damage: With sunless tanning, you can get the look you want without endangering your health. With less exposure to harmful UV radiation, you are eliminating the risk factor of skin damage.

Please note: safety precautions are important to follow while sunless tanning. Make sure to follow the guidelines set by your sunless tanning technicians.  One of our authorized Fuji Spray distributors suggests, offering eye protection, nose filters, and lip protectant to your clients before a sunless tanning session.  


2) Immediate Results: We love sunless spray tanning because it is time-saving and easy to get the results you want. Our Fuji Spray Sunless tanning systems allows a full-body application in less than 10 minutes with an easy, quick connect option for hose attachment. It takes very little time to get that perfect golden glow! 


3) Smooth Finish and Coverage: Who likes a streaky tan? Or feeling sticky? With sunless spray tanning, you don’t need to worry about that. Spray tan application is done by experienced tanning technicians with great technique, high-quality spray equipment and solutions that leave you tan as airbrushed as possible.



These benefits sound great, don’t they?  

These are just some advantages on how switching to sunless spray tanning can improve your overall health while being better for your skin – and at the same time, be a great source of information for your tanning business (if you are looking to start one!).  

Are you interested in becoming a spray tanning technician? Check out our Fuji Spray Sunless Equipment here! 

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