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Simply put, there is nothing quite like the Fuji Spray® T-PRO Applicator. Elegant and sleek in appearance, this high-quality professional applicator is intended for the sunless technician who demands perfection – every time! Available in gravity and bottom feed orientations, the T-PRO™ is designed for easy maneuvering resulting in reduced user fatigue.

An exclusive US patented side-mounted fan pattern control allows for the incremental adjustment of your fan width right at your fingertips. This all-in-one applicator is perfect for full body application and detailed contouring and sculpting.

The anodized aluminum air cap has been specifically designed for the sunless industry to deliver a soft, even spray with minimal overspray. The T-PRO is equipped with stainless steel fluid passages to stand the test of time, unlike lesser quality plastic applicators. The Stay Cool Handle™ combined with improved ergonomics minimizes cramping and eliminates heat transfer into the applicator handle. Experience the best the industry has to offer with Fuji Spray®’s T-PRO Applicator!

Applicators in this Series:

4200 T-PRO Bottom Feed Applicator

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