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19pc Applicator Cleaning Kit


This complete 19pc spray gun cleaning & maintenance kit with lubricant is designed for all types of applicators. It includes an extra-long 12″ pick-up tube brush, HVLP brush, body cavity brush, detail end brush, nylon bristle parts brush, 5-pc. micro brush set, 6-pc. precision needle set, and applicator lubricant.

10ft Whip Hose


Whip Hose 10ft Black: Lightweight 10ft. hose is highly flexible. Couplings are made from a glass fiber-reinforced polymer. Takes weight off the wrist and the flexibility allows for effortless maneuverability of the applicator.

Quick Connect Coupling


Quick Connect: Threads onto male end of hose allowing quick insertion and release of applicator.

Air Control Valve


Connects between hose and brass quick connect. Limits cfm/pressure to the applicator reducing bounce back and over-spray.

Applicator Holder


Redesigned applicator holder for studioTAN™ and salonTAN™ systems.

TAN7400 Applicator Holder Insert


Custom-designed applicator holder insert to securely hold the TAN7400 applicator in place for the soloTAN™ turbine.

Fuji Spray® Backpack


Convenient backpack with dedicated compartments to store your applicators, hose, solutions and more for the on-the-go professionals.

Fuji Spray Sunless®

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