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What to look out for when purchasing sunless equipment!

What to look out for when purchasing sunless equipment!

With (thousands) of spray tan systems on the market today it’s hard to determine which professional sunless system will work best for you. Not all spray tan applicators and sunless systems are equal. With over a decade of experience in the sunless industry here are some helpful hints to provide you with some key points and useful tips on what you should be looking for in a spray tan system and applicator.

Decide what your primary goal is for your business: Are you salon based? Looking to do mobile tans? Specializing in fitness competitions? Contouring is a must? Just starting out? Wanting to spray tan yourself or the occasional friend/family member? From entry level tanning systems to all in one professional sunless systems Fuji Spray has a tanning system tailored exactly to your needs.

INVEST IN QUALITY– First impressions really do matter! Imagine showing up to a fitness competition, bridal party, mobile tan, fashion show, or any other event and your system stops working. (How embarrassing!)
Investing in a sunless system that you can rely on without the worry of overheating or other malfunction will give you confidence and a flawless application from the first customer to the last customer.

BIG SALE ADVERTISING– Face it nothing good ever goes on sale. Rule of thumb, if continuous sales on the same systems keep popping up on your social feeds there is probably a reason for that. Be smart and don’t get fooled into buying something that is going to end up in your local landfill. Fuji Spray offers exceptional customer service and a warranty plan like no other equipment provider in the market.


DURABILITY– plastic vs metal. This is a big topic in the sunless industry. Every tech has a preference and there are pros and cons to each but how many of you plastic applicator techs can say you’ve been using the same applicator for 14 years? Taking the plunge into a pricey system and applicator starting out was tough but after my first big event it paid for itself and the rest is history.

SPRAY PATTERNS– Stop spraying your profit on the wall! Spray tan solution isn’t cheap. Take advantage of the Fuji Spray applicator features with the easy to use fluid control dial, fan pattern control and adjustable spray nozzle to provide optimal results based on your clients body type, whether your a vertical or horizontal sprayer ensure your client is the only one in the room getting a tan.

HVLP TURBINES– Sunless turbines are not your traditional garage compressors. Traditional compressors blast high pressure which results in excess solution waste and high amounts of overspray “Spray tanning is messy enough!”
Fuji HVLP systems (high volume low pressure) allows for total body application in less than 10 minutes with an easy quick connect option for hose attachment to instantly dry your client. No need to stash that old hair dryer in the tanning room. The precise soft airflow deposits solution (56 dba) more efficiently and quietly with noise reduction technology so you can carry on a conversation with your client using your inside voice.

Strive for the best with quality products, quality service and quality people with the industry leaders in equipment.

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